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Partnerships and collaboration are crucial to our success. In a world of accelerating change, evolving consumer demands and constant interconnected communication, we need to work even more closely with our suppliers to innovate for the future.

At MBR we have a long standing tradition of creating innovation together with our suppliers. That is why more recently we have been working to develop deeper ways to work together for the long term. Our main objective is to create mutual value and growth opportunities by establishing more integrated partnerships that is focused on innovation, speed to market, agility, cost and overall operational excellence.

Our innovation pipeline is robust across all of our brands and we are strengthening this by building a new foundation for joint-value-creation innovation. Working with strategic suppliers aligned with us on a values standpoint, we are looking to begin collaborating early in the development process, allowing us to learn and grow together while co-creating best-in-class products and services enhancing loyalty from our existing customer base.

We want to inspire all of our suppliers to work with us, bringing their best ideas to our brands. Some of our best ideas have come when our strategic suppliers work with us side by side, generating concepts that grow our business, creating value for both of our companies. The opportunities for joint value creation are exciting and plentiful. Indeed a great time to be part of MBR’s journey.


Our number one priority is to deliver memorable product experiences for every customer at every touch point of our business, from logging on to our E-commerce sites, to the range and quality of products we offer and to the final delivery of our products.

Product Excellence is our unique function that monitors, measures and analyses the experience of all our customers with the purpose of delivering better products and creating competitive advantage.

We operate several brands all of which are operating within highly competitive sectors. As a result of this focus (and a robust cultural commitment to excellence), we are now working even more closely with you, our valued suppliers to continue to raise the bar and set the industry standard.