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MBR launches “SKILLZ” for Africa Programme

MBR has officially launched its “SKILLZ” for Africa Programme at its corporate offices in London. “SKILLZ” for Africa is an initiative which aims to provide access to sporting equipment including apparel, footwear and sporting accessories for the most under privileged children across Africa. Present at the launch was our founder and CEO Mr. Gus Sandy who spoke at length about why the programme was created, what are its aims and objectives and how the programme will be implemented.

The launch of the programme marks a significant milestone for MBR as it seeks to strengthen its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) status by giving less fortunate children in the African diaspora the opportunity to take part in sports and sporting activities.

The programme has grand aims and chief amongst these is to help young african discover their sporting talents by increase access to sporting gear and equipment.

Creating the Programme is part of MBR’s long-term goal to help more than a million children in Africa improve their health and well-being and their self-esteem through sports and physical education.

The Programme will work in partnership with global industry partners on a number of specific initiatives. A number of these partners have already been identified and over the coming weeks and months MBR will engage with them in forming a collaborative partnership agreement.

Gus sandy, founder and CEO of MBR said: “This programme is very dear to my heart because having seen first hand the talent of some of these children but due to lack of the most basic tools such as footwear, protective tools etc. most, if not all, are unable to participate in sports and therefore unable to realise their full potential. We want to give them the opportunity to do just that. That is why we are launching this initiative today and backing it one hundred per cent to address what I believe is a great unmet social need. Over the coming weeks and months our business will play a unique role in bringing industry partners together to help address this need.”