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Cultivating an exceptional portfolio of trusted and loved brands

At MBR we recognise the uniqueness of people therefore we try to create brands within our portfolio that brings a distinct personality and unique perspective to our business and our customer base. Our aim is to continue to develop a balanced collection of the hip and coolest brands that delights and transform the lives of our customer base.

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FMFB (FitMind FitBody) is a brand which was created specifically for schools. As a brand we believe firmly in the mind body balance. The brand’s main aim is to make it easier for children and young people to become fitter mentally as well as physically through sports and education.

Sister Sister is a brand offering teenage girls an assortment of luxury athleisure wear and accessories. The brand ideals are parallel to that of the feminist movement of strength, independence, freedom to be and equality. The brand is characterised by bold and vivid colours, styles akin to been in charge, beautiful and self assured.

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№1 Boys Club is an athleisure brand created exclusively and dedicated to the adventures and pursuits of boys and young adults between the ages of 5 - 19. The brand elevates personal style with collections that are fashionable, modern with a hint of the individualist spirit reflecting the lifestyles of today’s youth.